ECS Asher Hinds Thesis Prize Winners

In 1989, a fund was created in honor of Asher Hinds, one of the leaders of Princeton’s Special Program in the Humanities, which later became the Programs in American Studies and European Cultural Studies. Professor Hinds was remembered with particular affection by his students and colleagues, who established this prize in his memory. The Asher Hinds Prize in European Cultural Studies is awarded annually in recognition of the best senior thesis completed by an ECS certificate student.

  • Tommy Goulding (2024), “‘Die Bandenführer streiten daher wie Staatsmänner’: Reading Theories of Bonapartism in Walter Benjamin and Bertolt Brecht”
  • Annabelle Berghof (2023), “’The Bookkeeper-Magician’: Paul Klee and his Catalogue Raisonné”
  • Juan José López Haddad (2022), “Paris Through the Eyes of John of Garland (1195-1272)”
  • Mika Hyman (2022), “Tuning the Body, Sounding the Mind”
  • Peter Foster (2021), “Lettres de Noblesse: The Financial and Political Ascent of the House of Orléans, 1660-1793”
  • Alec Israeli (2021), “An American Prometheus: Labor in the Mind of Antebellum Slaveholders”
  • Besma Arnaout (2020), “The Aporia of Asylum: A Legal and Philosophical Study of the Italian and French Refugee Protection Regulations in the ‘European Migrant Crisis’”
  • Tim Ruszala (2020), “Three Views of Musical Mountains in the 19th Century”
  • Annabel Barry (2019), “Feverish Readings: Fever and the Mind-Body Relationship in English Letters and Literature, 1785-1872”
  • Sarah H. Cho (2018), “To be Great is to be Misunderstood”: Reframing Gwen John’s Portraits of Women from 1900-1914”
  • Claire Jones (2018), “Afrancesados, Jacobinos, E Partidistas: Elite Collaboration and Resistance in Napoleonic The Aporia of Asylum: A Legal and Philosophical Study of the Italian and French Refugee Protection Regulations in the ‘European Migrant Crisis’Lisbon, 1807-1817”
  • David Ting (2017), “Building, Testing, Framing, Stealing: How Four Books Helped William Gaddis Revamp His Secret History of the Player Piano”
  • Sophia Andreassai (2016), “Icarus in Paris: Serge Lifar and the Paris Opera Ballet During The Nazi Occupation (1940-1944)”
  • Madeleine Planeix-Crocker (2015), “Les Arts Urbains Et L’Institution Culturelle A L’ère Post Graffiti”
  • Seongcheol Kim (2014), “Theory, Organization, and Milieu in the West German Extra-Parliamentary Left, 1966-78”
  • Madeline McMahon (2013), “‘Ani one example of the primitiue Churche’: Church History and Confessional Identity in Sixteenth-Century England”
  • Julie Chang (2012), “Radegund’s Cross: Relic as Power in Merovingian Gaul”
  • Louisa Ferguson (2012), “Envisioning England’s Unconscious: An Investigation of the Surrealist Movement and Mass-Observation from 1935-1947”
  • Meriel May Geolot (2011) “Framing the Tapestries:  The English Country House and Culture in the Late Georgian Era”
  • Meredith Alexandra Bock (2010) “Modern Methods: The Intersection of Myth and Science in the Works of Giorgio de Chirico and Primo Levi”
  • Justine Marie Chaney (2010) “Contorting the Invisible: The Emergence of Corporal Punishment in German Narrative at the Turn of the Twentieth  Century”
  • Jennie Sue Coffin Scholick (2009)  “Apollo’s Wayward Muse: On the Preservation of Dance”
  • Maryam Wasif Khan (2008)   “Nazir Ahmad’s Education of the Eleven Sisters: A translation and critical introduction”
  • Timothy Alexander Nunan (2008)  “Leopold Schwarzchild, Das Neue Tagebuch, and Anti-Totalitarianism in Interwar Europe, 1933-1941”
  • Katherine Alexandra Holmgren (2007) “An American Affair: Deconstructing Brancusi’s Reception in the United States”
  • Danilo Mandic (2007) “Making Serbs: Serbian Nationalism and Collective Identity, 1990-2000”
  • Julia Green Friedlander (2006) “Pacifism and Paneuropa: Idealism, Realpolitik, and the Search for European Peace”
  • Justin Adam Cohen (2006)  “Refugees and the Transnational Diffusion of Civil War in the Great Lakes Region of Central Africa”
  • Daphne Ypsilanti (2005)   “City Symphonies”
  • Elisa Martia Alvarez Minoff (2004)  “ The Post-City Age? New Towns and Urban Planning in the 1960s”
  • Peter Arthur Kals (2003)   “Modes of Dramatic Communication in Karl Kraus’ Die letzten Tage der Menschhedit
  • Andrew Charles Porter (2003)   “Complicated Realities: Cultural Identity and Cultural Difference in the Classical Greek World”
  • Matthew Stephen Frazier (2002)   “ Beyond Charity: America’s Moral Obligation to the World’s Poor”
  • Anne Kathleen O’Donnell (2002)  “ The Moscow Metro, or The Experience of Socialist Realism Underground”
  • Stefanos Nikolaou Geroulanos (2001)    “ Heidegger’s French Reception: … laughing at those left behind on the shore, from a disabled ship”
  • Joshua Sternfeld (2001)   “ Who’s the Real Ambassador? Cultural Exchange and the Export of American Jazz to Great Britain and the Soviet Union, 1942-1962”
  • Joshua David Pollack (1999)   ” Crimes Against Humanity and the Future of French Memory: The Trials of Klaus Barbie, Paul Touvier, and Maurice Papon”
  • Kathleen Darraugh Cambor (1998) “Their Insistent Voices: Women Scholars’ Work on the Boundaries”
  • Holly Kileff (1997) “Architecture and Antiquity: Piranesi’s Le Rovine del Castello Dell’acqua Giulia
  • Peter Pfaffenroth (1997)  “ The New Great Transformation Gone Awry: Restructuring and the Expropriation of East German Volkseigentum
  • Blanche Gregg Rainwater (1995)   “ The Underground Market: Is It Large Enough to Account for Economic Deficits?”
  • Paul Adam Silverstein (1992)  “The Other French: North African Immigration and Identity in the Cultural Construction of Difference”
  • Paul H. Schoeman (1991)   “Separated at Birth: The French Communist Party and the  Beginning of the Fourth Republic”
  • Paul Eiss (1990)   “Historical Narrative and the Centennial of French Algeria:  Political and Academic Exchanges”
  • Alexander A. Yanos (1989)  “New Political Parties of France and the Federal Republic of  Germany: New Politics, New Problems, and Old Systems”
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