ECS 301 / EPS 301

Rethinking European Culture in the Present

Spyros Papapetros

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Drawing on the expertise of distinguished Princeton faculty and visitors, this seminar aims to provide a broad, multidisciplinary perspective on central debates in European culture and society that remain urgent in the present and expand beyond geographic and temporal limits. It serves as the core course for the Program in European Cultural Studies (ECS) and the Program in Contemporary European Politics and Society (EPS).

ECS 301 Guest Speaker Schedule

Week 1: September 5


Week 2: September 12

Guest: Elizabeth A. Davis (Anthropology)

Week 3: September 19

Guest: Jan Werner Müller (Politics)

Week 4: September 26 & 27 (joint seminar with Faber ECS Colloquium)

Guest (and Faber lecturer): Londa Schiebinger (History of Science, University of Stanford)

Please note dates for this week:

Workshop: Tuesday, September 26, 1.30-2.50 pm (regular meeting time)

Joint seminar with ECS Colloquium: Wednesday, September 27, 12-1.20 pm

Week 5: October 3

Guest: Christy Wampole (French and Italian, Interdisciplinary Doctorial Program in the Humanities)

Week 6: October 10

Guest: Brooke Holmes (Classics, Gauss Seminar in Theory and Criticism)

Week 7: October 24

Guest: Kristen R. Ghodsee (Russian and East-European Studies, Graduate Group in Anthropology, University of Philadelphia)

Week 8: October 31

Guest: Effie Rentzou (French and Italian, European Cultural Studies)

Week 9: November 7

Guest: Anna Arabindan-Kesson (African American Studies, Art and Archaeology)

Week 10: November 14

Guest: Susan Morrow (German)

Week 11: November 28

Eduardo Cadava (English) and Sara Nadal-Melsió (author, independent scholar)

Week 12: December 5

Student Oral Presentations on Final Paper – Peer Review

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