Kyle Masson


Kyle Masson is a Ph.D. candidate in Historical Musicology at Princeton.   Kyle specializes in music of the seventeenth-century, with an emphasis on interdisciplinary approaches to opera analysis. Broadly speaking, he is interested in the early modern operatic imagination, seeking to illustrate the creative impulses involved in opera production and how these impulses intersect with constructions of gender, sexuality, race, politics, and the classical tradition.  His dissertation research focuses on the operas of Antonio Cesti and Francesco Cavalli from comparative perspectives.  He is particularly concerned with developing appropriate historical and analytical tools for discussing these operas as they appear in new cultural contexts, including modern revivals; and subsequently, in elucidating how the early modern musical imagination responded to shifting textual and contextual parameters.  Kyle’s research is informed more broadly by interests in opera education and outreach, connecting scholarship and performance, music analysis (including digital approaches), and music aesthetics and criticism.