Liana Pshevorska

French & Italian

Liana Pshevorska is currently a fifth-year Ph.D. candidate in the French and Italian Department. Prior to joining Princeton, she earned an M.A. in French Literature and a B.A. in Secondary Education from the University of Arizona. Her research focuses on the works of contemporary exophonic authors in France, writers from historically non-francophone nations who have adopted French for literary expression. Her dissertation explores the thematic and stylistic transformation of a ‘migrant’ experience into text: self-writing, linguistic identity, and relationship to language, community, and nation. Her project also examines the socioliterary reception of exophonic authors in France and their place in a broader debate on transcultural francophone literature. Liana’s additional fields of interest include: 20th-21st French literature, gender studies, and the fantastic. She has also taught an advanced class in French entitled “Altérité : Le merveilleux, le fantastique et le surréaliste” in the Institut d’Avignon (Bryn Mawr) study-abroad program.