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The European Cultural Studies Program is supported by the Humanities Council.

The Program in European Cultural Studies sustains a vibrant community of faculty and students with wideranging interests in European culture. Together, ECS students and faculty explore the ways in which European societies, past and present, order reality, make sense of life, and communicate meaning across a range of disciplines and in a wide variety of media.

ECS offers innovative undergraduate seminars in European history, literature, art, architecture, music, cinema, theater, politics, and philosophy. Our program also supports courses and programming that situate the study of Europe in broader global contexts. Since 2013, ECS Graduate Affiliates have collaborated with faculty in organizing reading groups, lunchtime workshops, conferences, and public lectures under the rubric “Dialogues on European Cultural Studies.” Each year, ECS sponsors events open to the Princeton community, bringing distinguished scholars to campus for public lectures and fostering conversations across disciplines in a variety of settings.

Brigid Doherty, Director

Brigid Doherty, Director

Associate Professor of German and Art & Archaeology

Sena M. Hill, Program Manager

Sena M. Hill

Program Manager, European Cultural Studies