Congratulations, Class of 2024!

May 30, 2024
Photo: Charles Sykes, Associated Press Images for Princeton University

The Humanities Council celebrates seniors in the Class of 2024 who were awarded 73 certificates and seven independent majors across five Council undergraduate programs – European Cultural Studies, Humanistic Studies, Journalism, Linguistics, and Medieval Studies. Congratulations to all our students and thank you to our faculty! 

Program in European Cultural Studies

Certificate Students: Paul-Louis Biondi (Comparative Literature), Isabelle Casimir (Classics), Paul Fletcher (History), Lana Gaige (Comparative Literature), Tommy Goulding (German), Theodore Gross (Politics), Lucy Gutman (Art & Archaeology), Kayra Guven (History), Lucia Heminway (Art & Archaeology), Carolina Moore (Art & Archaeology), Aybars Önder (Philosophy), Drew Pugliese (Art & Archaeology), Kelsey Wang (Chemistry), Nomi Willis (Comparative Literature), Karina Wugang (Politics), Noori Zubieta (Mathematics)

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Program in Humanistic Studies

Certificate Students: Paul-Louis Biondi (Comparative Literature), Sam Bisno (History), Gabriel Chalick (Art & Archaeology), Sandra Chen (Comparative Literature), Kristiana Filipov (German), Lana Gaige (Comparative Literature), John Raulston Graham (Architecture), Sebastian Hayden (Philosophy), Sage Kanemaru (History), Lara Katz (Comparative Literature), Hank Lin (Philosophy), Emma Mohrmann (Art & Archaeology), Hope Perry (Classics), Matthew Pickering (SPIA), Elizabeth Poku (Economics), Cecilia Quirk (ORFE), Olivia Ragan (SPIA), Calla Schultz (East Asian Studies), Sydney Spector (Politics), Tori Tinsley (Politics), Bethany Villaruz (English), Kelsey Wang (Chemistry), Karina Wugang (Politics), Noori Zubieta (Mathematics)

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Program in Journalism

Certificate Students: Paige Cromley (Astronomy), Katherine Dailey (SPIA), Jasmyn Dobson (Politics), Sam Kagan (Near Eastern Studies), Albert Lee (Sociology), Laura Robertson (History), Hannah Su (Architecture), Tori Tinsley (Politics), Valerie Wales (Politics)

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Program in Linguistics

Independent Majors: Caleb Gibson, Natasha Hurwitch, Elise Kim, Delaney M. Savidge, Tal Schaeffer, Sebastian Geary Suarez, Batsheva Leah Weinstein

Certificate Students: Katherine Baldwin (Computer Science), Jeremy Dapaah (Computer Science), Kira Fitzgerald (Computer Science), Helen Gao (Computer Science), Rowen Gesue (Neuroscience), Ryan Gibbons (Computer Science), John Hart (Computer Science), Arjun Jagjivan (ORFE), Emmanuel Jamero (History), Brendan Kehoe (Electrical Engineering), Teddy Leane (English), Jessica Lopez (Classics), Saumya Malik (Computer Science), Ronan Soni (Mathematics), Louis Viglietta (Computer Science), Myla Wailoo (African American Studies)

Program in Medieval Studies

Certificate Students: Fahim Azaz (Near Eastern Studies), Marta Baziuk (Classics), Paul Fletcher (History), Sebastian Hayden (Philosophy), Ellie Marquardt (History), Shane Patrick (Near Eastern Studies), Claire Schultz (English), Matthew Wilson (Politics)

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Asher Hinds Prize for Excellence in the Program in European Cultural Studies
Tommy Goulding, German
“Die Bandenführer streiten daher wie Staatsmänner”: Reading Theories of Bonapartism in Walter Benjamin and Bertolt Brecht
Thesis Adviser: Hal Foster (Art & Archaeology)

Joseph R. Strayer Prize in Medieval Studies
Fahim Azaz, Near Eastern Studies
Scenes of Liminality: Jewish Identity in Medieval Egypt
Thesis Adviser: Marina Rustow (Near Eastern Studies)

Abigail Glickman, Comparative Literature
Text and Textile: Reading Clothing in Cairo Geniza Society and Scholarship
Thesis Adviser: Lital Levy (Comparative Literature) and Marina Rustow (Near Eastern Studies)

Richard D. Challener ’44 Senior Thesis Prize in Canadian Studies
Jaspar Lydon, School of Public and International Affairs
Grass-Roof Homes as Grassroots Hubs: Intentional Communities on the Frontlines of Sustainability Policy in the U.S. and Canada
Thesis Adviser: Anastasia Mann (SPIA)

Senior Thesis Prize in Linguistics
Elise Kim, Independent Major
An Investigation into the Obligatory Decomposition of Opaque Morphemes and Pseudomorphemes in Chinese
Thesis Adviser: Alexander Göbel

Independent majors in the Program in Linguistics with members of the faculty during Class Day celebrations in Green Hall.

The Humanities Council’s Programs in European Cultural Studies and Humanistic Studies hosted a joint Class Day celebration in Joseph Henry House.
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