French and Italian Features ‘Surrealism at 100’  ECS Cross-listed Course

May 24, 2024
Marcel Duchamp’s Boîte Alerte appearing at the end of the “International Surrealist Exhibitions in Paris” presentation in FRE 358. Photo by Kirstin Ohrt

One hundred years after the publication of André Breton’s first Surrealist manifesto, a group of students, scholars, librarians and archivists gathered this month to view the final presentations for “Surrealism at One Hundred” (FRE 358 / ECS 358 / ART 358 / COM 365), exploring the ideas, works and history of international Surrealism across the last century. 

Led by Effie Rentzou (French and Italian), director of the Humanities Council’s Program in European Cultural Studies, the course examined the Surrealists’ efforts to revolutionize both art and life worldwide. To showcase their findings, 17 undergraduates debuted online exhibitions curated from a wide array of artworks, periodicals and archival materials. Paired with explanatory essays and didactics, their projects are hosted as a public digital collection of Princeton University Library, and as a StoryMap accessible to the University community.

Read the full story on the French and Italian website.

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