Apply to the Minor in European Studies

    • One of the following core courses is required as a prerequisite:
      ECS 301 or EPS 302. Students may consult the director for other courses that offer an introduction to the study of Europe, and in particular HUM 216-217, HUM 218-219, or HIS 212/EPS 212.

    • Students who have taken a full year of the double-credit HUM 216-217 and HUM 218-219 (the Western Humanities Sequence) satisfy the prerequisite requirement, as well as two of the elective courses. Students who have taken one semester of the double-credit HUM 216-217 or HUM 218-219 satisfy the prerequisite requirement, as well as one of the elective courses.

    • In addition to the prerequisite course, students will be required to take four elective courses in ECS or EPS; at least one of these courses should be in ECS and one in EPS, core or cross-listed.

    • Click here for a list of ECS and EPS courses (subject to change every year). Please consult the program manager for the most updated list.

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